sparklingBit team

Sparkling Bit is a new company consisting of veteran developers with more
than 50 combined years worth of experience under their belt!

Frederike Böckem Stradal

Frederike Böckem Stradal
Graphic Design - Founder

The Graphic Wizardress! Pixels and shapes, brushes and colors…
whenever we’re talking about graphics, she is in charge!
Freddy has been working in the games industry for 11 years.

Marc Oberhäuser

Marc Oberhäuser
Senior Game Design - Producing - Co-founder

The Senior Game Designer with the meticulous approach. A well of
knowledge and experience, holding the strings together in every phase
of development. Marc started working in the games industry 20 years ago.

Ralph Roder

Ralph Roder
Game Design - Author

Game Design All-rounder with a passion for words. Responsible for
content, story, dialogues …and the occasional rant. Ralph is in the
business for 13 years now.

Bernhard Ewers

Bernhard Ewers
Coding - Game Design - Producing

Slick coding and good design! After more than 20 years in the industry
as tech lead, founder and designer, he’s just in the know. The perfect
mix between experience and exploration.

Peter Hann

Peter Hann
Game Design - Art Director

Graduated designer, over 10 years of experience in the games business.
Founder, driving force and knowledge of the entire process from the
very first idea all the way to production.