about SparklingBit

The Sacred Beginning

Okay, let's get into it. So, back in the early 2000's, we were a group of developers who made a game called Sacred, which was basically our way of not having to get real jobs. We stuck around long enough to make a sequel, but then 2009 hit, and just like Oasis, we split up. But unlike Oasis, where everyone’s still mad at each other, we actually missed hanging out in dark rooms for hours coding.

Reuniting for SparklingBit

So we got back together and started SparklingBit because apparently, we love punishment. We decided to dive back into making RPGs, which, if you don't know, are these games where you pretend you're a wizard or something instead of admitting your life is falling apart. It’s perfect because these games suck you in. They're like, "Hey, forget about your failed marriage for a minute. Come kill a dragon."

The Allure of RPGs

Why RPGs? Well, it's a brilliant move. They're like the crack cocaine of gaming. You get so hooked on building your character and exploring some world that doesn’t exist, and the best part is, you don't need a Michael Bay budget to make it good.

Introducing Backdrop

Now, our new thing is called Backdrop. It’s not just another game. It’s like the main event at the saddest nerd convention. And with every decision you make, you’re basically knitting your own fantasy sweater. It's storytelling with a joystick.

Join the Adventure

So, hang out with us, join the fun, and let’s jump into adventures that promise more twists than your favorite pretzel. Yes, we’re still doing this in Aachen, Germany, just quietly hoping Oasis will get back together. Because, honestly, we all need a little more Wonderwall in our lives.